BRUVJOY is an occasional podcast dedicated to the 80s/90s TV classic that is LOVEJOY.

Each episode offers an utterly useless commentary to each and every episode (if we ever get that far) to the much-loved, antiques-related adventures of perma-tanned divvy Lovejoy (not Mr Lovejoy), drunken lush Tinker Dell, loveable oaf/idiot Eric Catchpole and the lovely, lovely Lady Jane.

You don’t know what Lovejoy is? WHAT?
Why are you here then?
OK, well here’s a link which should give you the general gist.

If you’d like to contact us for 1) Feedback 2) Praise 3) General Lovejoy Love 4) Beg us to stop, please do: bruvjoy@gmail.com

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Brothers Nash
BRUVJOY is brought to you by the Brothers Nash.
PAUL NASH is the elder brother and his pursuits include being a failed writer and making books for a living. (Paul’s site is here.)
DAN NASH is the junior brother and he teaches music to kids and plays jazz guitar in bars you’ve never even heard of.