BRUVJOY – EP3 – “The Sting”


WELCOME TO EPISODE THREE… Which finds Paul Nash and Dan Nash still babbling on (and on) about the adventures of perma-tanned antiques lothario and 80s/90s Sunday evening TV great “LOVEJOY”.

LISTEN…[audio ]

LINK: Bruvjoy Episode 3

# Like comics and Lovejoy? Why not point your browser here?
(Thanks to Ian Edhouse.)

# Like poems about Essex and Lovejoy? (Of course you do.) One can be found here.
(Thanks to Emma Bradshaw.)

BOOK CLUB (sort of): In two calendar months time we will be doing EP5 “The Judas Pair” which is based on the FIRST EVER LOVEJOY book by MR JONATHAN GASH. If you fancy reading along with us, please do. “The Judas Pair” novelisation can be bought from all good bookshops. And Amazon.

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